our mission & goal

Intelligence & Sustainability


IMATech/TeleConex is a Boutique Intelligence Firm. Since 1990 is focused on helping our clients to deliver business value through high technology, offering unprecedented levels of cognitive computing and realistic simulation. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with integrated turnkey solutions.

IMATech/TeleConex is a leader in developing and deploying solutions on the Intelligence Platform via Realistic Simulation and Predictive Analytics, transformational culture programs, and healthcare's most pressing needs, including occupational medicine, and reabilitation. Solutions for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Brain-Computer Interface, Data Governance, Service Management and Operations Management to Corporate Solutions.  We can help corporates consolidate, rationalize, and optimize your agregated value to products and services, and the business processes with target market.

We can provide any solution to all technology based products and services in Solutions of realistics interactive simulation applied to medicine & healthcare, geosciences, virtual museum, oil & gás platform training, education, industrial, entertainment, and military markets. In addition the head mounted displays and motion tracking systems. Specifically, we are ready to your needs with real time fact based results with Cognitive Simulators, Oculus VR, Head Mounted Displays, Head Trackers, Motion Trackers, Data Gloves, 3D Controllers, Haptic Devices, Stereoscopic 3D Displays, 3D VR Domes and VR Software. Virtual Realities products are utilized by Government, Educational, Industrial, Medical and Entertainment Markets Worldwide. Whatever your industry, we can define and deliver an immersive solution that saves money, enhances training and safety, improves time to market, entertains, or presents your marketing message in powerful new ways. Our Skilled Team of Professionals include Mathematician, Physician, Geophysicist, Cognitive Psychologist, Geologist, Pedagogue, Biomedical Engineer, Computer Scientist, Technicians, Marketers, Graphic Designers, Architects, System Integrators and Hardware/Software Developers. 

To realize all of challenges arising to us, it is helpful and necessary to develop a definition of mediatic device which is adequate for scientific language in different contexts of a mediatized society. We discuss three theoretical approaches: first one is a perspective of connectivity, second the dynamical systems, and third the image synthesis based on cognitive load theory together with simulation technology based on artificial intelligence to help us to create an appropriate definition of media device offers. Integrated systems through 3D peripheral products, input/output devices, and bundled software can help professional in the Classrooms, PatientCare, Critical Training for Salvage & Security, Creative Explorations, Architecture and Modeling, Anxiety Disorders and Phobias, Mental Health Organizations,  Military, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Special Learning, Imaginary Experiences, Virtual Sculpting with 3D Printers. Basically, the experience of any real-time event could be made better through the cognitive computing and interactive cognitive simulation. Be it Medical, GeoSciences, Military, Education or Entertainment purposes, IMATech/TeleConeX Ltda has a solution for you and your company, definitely.